Well folks, that's it, my adventure has come to an end. After 154 days, 12 States, 4 time zones, 3 pairs of shoes and 3,100 miles I've reached Santa Monica. No more early mornings, early nights, barkings dogs, crap drivers, camping in ditches, rubbish food or having to translate my Australian accent. Then again there's no more adventures, once in a lifetime experiences, sunsets and star-filled skies or the meeting of random amazing people. A very beautiful woman i met on my travels told me something that has stuck with me-laughter makes the soul prosper. So i hope I've brought a little bit of cheer into your lives and at the same time you've learned a little bit more about American from an unbiased british perspective, albeit a slightly crazy and twisted one who uses words that dont exist. Unlike Forrest Gump who was a mentalist, i will now be flying back to Atlanta after the finishing party on Wednesday, then going back to Blighty on the 1st December. A massive thanks to my kit sponsors Coleman Exponent and my bro Jez along with his wife Lacey, without whom i'd probably be panhandling in Kansas about now. In the next few days I'll upload the last few photos and let you know i survived the finishing party. Thanks for your support and keep in touch all, I might be emailing you to star in 'nickwalksamerica-the panto'.